Megan: Questions

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Megan: Questions

What are some of the best question-and-answer web sites out there?

All right no one has asked me that, but question columns are great timewasters and here are a few of my favourites:

Savage Love. Dan Savage's classic weekly sex and relationship advice column.

E! Online's Answer Bitch. Everything you need to know about Hollywood shenanigans. Updated every Saturday.

Columbia University's Go Ask Alice! If you've worried about it, they have an answer for you. The site's geared towards university students, so there's a focus on mental health, drugs, and sexuality. Updated intermittently

Philip Howard's Modern Manners in the Times Online. Philip Howard must be the most well-adjusted man on earth. He can tell you how to deal with difficult neighbours, what to bring staying with in-laws, and why taking the high road is always better. A new column appears every Monday at 1pm. answers reader questions almost every day. Their answers are usually really short and casual, but it's a great place to send a question if you're planning a special menu and need some help.

Last Updated 04 November 2005