Man Without Fear Finally Resigns

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Man Without Fear Finally Resigns

Or as Warren Ellis so succinctly put it "And STAY Out, You Piece Of Shit".

Blair wouldn't go that far and described his former work and pensions secretary as a "decent and honourable man..." who just happens in this instance to have acted in a not very decent but thoroughly dishonorable way. Unlike say Daredevil whose blindness led to an increased ability in his other senses Blunkett seems to have only developed the special power of being a bit of a twat.

We hate to kick a man when he's down as can be seen by the way we tried our best to kick him when he was up, but despite Blair's continued support and the ridiculous notion that Blunkett leaves his employ "with no stain of impropriety against him whatsoever" we'd just like to add good riddance.

Howard and party have of course turned on Blair with allegations of lame duckage - probably brought on by feelings of nostalgia for the heady last days of their own self destructing government.

We look forward to seeing Blunkett on Channel Five sometime in the near future when they are looking for more has-beens to wank off farm animals.

Last Updated 02 November 2005