Let Them Sing It For You

By sizemore Last edited 158 months ago
Let Them Sing It For You

Well there goes what's left of the afternoon.

Just spotted this on Boing Boing:

This crazy Swedish website is a simple yet fun way to kill time. Type in your message and it will "sing" it back to you using fragments of well-known songs. You can email your singing messages to friends.

Who can resist having a go at that? Not us obviously. We're actually off to Sweden soon and we'll need something to listen to on the flight so feel free to stick your best compositions in the comments or email them to us at londonist@gmail.com.

We'll send a postcard to the best one.

And if the rest of the Gothamist network are crazy enough to have a go at topping our own geographical political ditty we'll let you know.

Last Updated 23 November 2005