Leicester Square: All The Fun Of The Fair

By Hazel Last edited 158 months ago
Leicester Square: All The Fun Of The Fair

Hmmm. The London Assembly's ideas for alternatives to late night drinking may not be particularly inspired or original, but there are other things to see and do in order to avoid the pub - such as the Leicester Square funfair. Traditional rides and attractions will abound in the West End and indeed offers an excellent alternative to drinking, and you can have all the fun of being drunk in the West End without being drunk!

Try the carousel for that dizzy "ooh, I shouldn't have had that eighth pint" feeling!

Take a spin on the Big Wheel for the full vertigo-by-Bacardi Breezers sensation!

Hungry? Why not sample a fairground hotdog - just like the ones they sell in Trafalgar Square while you wait for a nightbus but with extra petrol!

For the thrills and chills of getting lost in the backstreets of Soho with no idea of where you are going and who will mug you, have a go at the Haunted House (please refrain from urinating in the Haunted House doorways as this is not an accurate simulation of London's West End and will lead to mechanical failure)

If you're wanting something soft and cuddly to take home for the evening, there are prize stalls for you to try your luck; simply hook a duckie from the paddling pool and you'll get a sweet surprise once you've got it in your hands. Re-live that early morning "oh my god, what is this thing I brought into my house?" feeling when you go over your prizes from your wild, alcohol-free night!

The Leicester Square Funfair - all the fun of the West End without the shadow of a hangover, though we can't promise there's any less vomit if you insist on eating all your candyfloss before you go on the Dodgems.

The Leicester Square funfair is open daily between 12pm – 12am from 28th November – 30th December. Admission is free, with separate charges for rides and attractions.

Last Updated 22 November 2005