Is DD on the Global Frequency?

By sizemore Last edited 158 months ago
Is DD on the Global Frequency?

Catching up with the battle of the Davids is always fun. We don't follow it daily because it's just not that interesting, but about once a week we like to dip into the battleground of the Tory leadership like hungry crows looking for a juicy eyeball.

Reading about young upstart David Cameron having the potential yoof vote stolen from under his nose by Davis' blatherings about a "nip and tuck” political future we can't help but wonder if the silver haired fox has been won over by the dubious technology of Bit Torrent in an effort to seem less... elderly.

If so we look forward to future speeches in which he may ask if there's a doctor in the House to help save a country on the Threshold of disaster. After all, the Invasion of Iraq was not the first place the government became Lost and there's probably a lot of other mistakes waiting to be brought to the Surface. 'If you could only CSI do,' he'd say, 'then the conservatives could count on more than just the votes of Desperate Housewives'. Make no Bones about it - Davis is a Family Guy at heart and will do anything short of a Prison Break to Curb Your Enthusiasm for Cameron...

We'll stop now, honest.

David the Elder in comparison to David the Younger always seemed like more of a wireless kind of chap - as in The Archers and not WiFi - but seeing as neither of them will see the inside of Number Ten anytime soon it's probably best to segue into the news that our favourite PM is perhaps going back to his role of Watcher once he finishes up on Doctor Who. Now that's something to sing about.

Last Updated 24 November 2005