I'm Luke, I'm five and my dad's Bruce Lee

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I'm Luke, I'm five and my dad's Bruce Lee

Normally when we link up a page with music we warn you to turn the speakers down or plug a discreet headphone in via your sleeve ala Grange Hill 1984, but for something as special as The JCB Song we really think it best to crank the sound up to 11 and get the rest of the office to crowd around your monitor for a sing-along.

Especially for anyone who remembers good times as a kid sat on their father's tool box.

The Monkeehub chaps are hoping that the JCB Song is going to demolish the competition and perhaps give us the best Christmas Number One since Mad World. As arto said on Metafilter "any song that rhymes "B.A. Barracus" with "nunchakus" is all right in my books".

While you're over on MeFi check out the thread about Lemmy and the dangers of drugs. We once bumped into Lemmy in the SciFi department of Foyles where he complained to us that he couldn't find any books on World War II German aircraft - he scrawled us his autograph after we directed him up the stairs. Top bloke.

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