"I have read media reports that suggest she was checked to determine her virginity..."

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"I have read media reports that suggest she was checked to determine her virginity..."

Diana is back. Not in a Monkey's Paw/Pet Semetary kind of way, but in a rather more familiar setting - as a clothes horse.

In her last fashion shoot, five months before she died in a car crash in Paris, Diana wore dresses she planned to auction for charity later in 1997. To publicise the New York auction, photographer Mario Testino took 15 pictures for Vanity Fair magazine. Nine of Diana's dresses, including the four in the shoot, also go on display. One, by Japanese designer Hachi, has never been exhibited before.

We suppose dead people's clothes are a step up from fur on the fashion scene, but hasn't our local Oxfam shop been doing a similar kind of charitable thing for years?

Oh well, it did provide an excuse to have another look at the discussion page for Diana's entry on Wikipedia. The 'behind-the-scenes' pages are where contributors argue over the details of the main entry and always offer riveting reading. The Diana discussion covers topics ranging from her actual correct title to the best way around her copyrighted image - one bright spark suggests taking a photo of her wax work effigy while another suggests they just trace a photo. There's also a rundown of whether she was actually a bastard, a saint or a virgin if indeed not all three and a subsection entitled 'Deweaseling' that we don't remember coming out in the News of the World or the Elton John song.

There's also plenty of conspiracy theory stuff although our favourite one (about a certain shopkeeper having her killed so he could wear her skin and thereby pass himself off as British thus negating the need for a passport) failed to make the grade.

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