Get Hunted

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Get Hunted

I’ve never done this before, so I don’t really know what to expect.

And with those words we were hooked. There's a wonderfully unpredictable element in taking on such a beast as the capital, so you have to give respect to anyone with the balls enough to organise an attempt at bringing some random participatory fun into the lives of Londoners.

This time it's...


At midday on Sunday 4th, a giant game of hide and seek is going to kick off somewhere in the city. A single hunter starts crawling a defined playing zone. Once they've closed their eyes, counted to a hundred and shouted: Coming! Ready or not. Each time he discovers one of the hiders they too join the hunt until the final contestant is running through alleyways and hiding in disused sewers to evade capture. Or the game ends.

Pretend you're Jason Bourne or Harry Palmer. When you're caught you can be the KGB only you don't get to torture the poor sod afterwards, you all head off to the pub and buy them a drink.

If you want full details of where and when and want to sign up then go here. You can also click through to the rules and regulations and any London event that starts with eenie, meenie, miny mo has to be considered a highlight of an already illustrious events calender.

This random act of having fun with strangers is brought to you by the very good folks at Pick Me Up magazine. If you go drop us a line to let us know how it goes, you never know we may even be hunting you too.

Last Updated 28 November 2005