Film Fests & Shotguns

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Film Fests & Shotguns

This morning there are a couple of filmy things we thought we'd bring to your attention. First the Images of Black Women Film Festival that runs at the Tricycle cinema in March is calling for submissions. The competition is open to all no matter what race and gender "as long as the film contains elements of African, African-Caribbean, African descent culture on screen (actors) and/or behind the lens (director, screenwriter, producer)". The closing date for entries is the 31st of January and your film should be no longer than fifteen minutes. Full details up on the website (which seems to prefer IE to Firefox).

There's a day or so left up at the Jewish Film Festival before it leaves London to tour the rest of the UK. Tonight you can see The First Time I Was Twenty at The Reel Cinema at 8.30. Metallic Blues plays tomorrow, same time, same venue.

We only usually plug a trailer on Friday but seeing we're such big fans of Paddy Considine's turn in Dead Man's Shoes (we wore gas masks for a week) we really wanted to tell you to have a peek at The Backwoods. It looks a lot like Straw Dogs but has Gary Oldman and a LOT of shotguns. As usual Twitch has the lowdown.

Last Updated 16 November 2005