Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra

- The Austrailian press is reporting that the explosives seized in a raid in Sydney are the same as those used in the London bombings. It's called, believe it or not, Mother of Satan.

- The budget for the Stansted airport renovation is £4 billion. A similar facelift at Luton is going to cost just £1.5bn.

- Prince William started his work experience at HSBC's 'charity service division' in the City this week.

- Boeing is going for the 'longest nonstop flight by a commercial jet' record by flying one of its planes from Hong Kong over North America to London (that's 12,586 miles).

- The Sex Pistols got their own (non Engligh Heritage approved) blue plaque yesterday, at central St Martins Art College. And yes, we only used that story becasue it gave us an excuse to link to Ultimate Guitar.com!

Last Updated 09 November 2005