Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra

- Police have 'thwarted' terrorist attempts over past few weeks and indentified continuing threats says Ian Blair (although what he actually said was that "the sky is dark", making him sound more like Michael Fish than Met Commissioner). All this on the same day that anti-terrorism laws go before the Commons. Coincidence?

- Tooting Bec man and his wife are jailed for nine years and five years respectively for smuggling hundreds of young eastern European women into Britain.

- Maggy Beckett tries to defend George Bush's decision not to sign the Kyoto agreement on the first day of the climate change summit.

- Britain's target for the 2012 Olympic games is 18 gold medals.

- Wenger versus Mourinho update: Jose is "stupid" says Arsene. Next week: Wenger gives Mourniho a deadleg and Jose retaliates by stealing some of Arsene's marbles.

Last Updated 02 November 2005