Competition: The Sways' Great Album Giveaway

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Competition: The Sways' Great Album Giveaway

Let us remind you of what we've said of The Sways in the past:

A band who in their own words are the musical equivalent of Marmite.

Really worth seeing for being utterly different to anything we've heard, erm, ever. Which is one way of saying we have no idea how to describe them to you.

A band whose album, International Orange we're still trying to work out and yet still playing.

Sometimes, in fact most of the time, words cannot adequately describe the music we're trying to tell you about, and they're especially inadequate when it comes to The Sways. So praise be for The Sways, because they've decided to help us out here by giving away copies of their album to our lucky readers. Hold your horses, though, they're not giving the albums to just anyone. First off, you have to answer the tricky poser below. (When we say 'tricky', we mean it, especially when you consider the normal standard of our competition questions.) Secondly, you have to be one of the lucky two picked out of The Sways' Mad Competition Hat.

Enough blurb, here's what The Sways have got to say for themselves:

The question to challenge the mathematics of Londonist readers is as follows:

What do you get when you subtract the year in which Londonist won a prize for design from the number of unique visitors to the site per day, then multiply the result by the number of "The Sways" releases available? All information available from and Londonist.

a) 20991

b) 20988

c) 20985

Send your answers and contact details to with a subject of 'Londonist Competition', or click this handy little link to start a new e-mail with that information filled in.

Closing date for entries is 9th December. Good luck.

Last Updated 03 November 2005