Borough Market's Food Centre Of Excellence

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Borough Market's Food Centre Of Excellence

Foodies' favourite, Borough Market (warning: there's some sound clips on the official site when you first enter it, so turn the volume down if you're at work), launches a fund-raising appeal today, to help build a Food School of Excellence. The Borough Market Trust are looking long-term to ensure the market has discerning customers in the future by offering opportunities to schools to learn about food in greater depth, and it's looking for £250,000 to fund the refurbishment of a building to house the School.

The School isn't just aimed at the kids, though. According to the BBC report,"Lectures by traders and master classes will also be offered to local people."

We assume the traders won't be bellowing out their lectures using words that appear to be missing 75 per cent of their syllables yet which are still oddly comprehensible, even 50 yards down the road.

Last Updated 17 November 2005