Bob The Builder Auditions

By Rob Last edited 161 months ago
Bob The Builder Auditions

Screw dressing up as Santa this Christmas. If you're looking for where the real money is and you're not afraid of dressing up then you want to get yourself down to the Bob the Builder auditions taking place in a couple of weeks.

According to the Sun "TV bosses are holding auditions to find a Bob the Builder lookalike. The winner will star in a Christmas promotional campaign for new Bob toys and a DVD. Search organisers Hit Entertainment said: “It’s a great chance to become the first real-life Bob."

The Sun also suggests a few famous names who they think might be up for the job: " Wayne Rooney, Martin Clunes, Tony Blair — or Bob’s TV voice Neil Morrissey."

Wayne Rooney we can kind of see, but Tony Blair? Is that supposed to be satirical?

Last Updated 14 November 2005