All that Zarjaz!

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All that Zarjaz!

Did we already say just how excited we are about the 2000AD exhibition coming to London next month? Well it bears repeating since the kind folks at Rebellion invited us along to the launch night. Rubbing shoulders with 2000AD artists and shaking the green hand of Tharg the Mighty is something of a fanboy's wet dream, but don't worry about us making fools of ourselves. The elected Londonist ambassador to Betelgeuse will be a study in decorum and is only going in order to bring our readers the inside scoop. He's out shopping at the moment for enormous green knee pads while practicing what to say to PSI Judge Anderson to distract her from what's going on in his mind.

Here's the official blurb:

It’s going to be a Merry Dreddmas in London this December as Playlounge & Rebellion in conjunction with Puma present Zarjaz!, an exhibition of original artwork celebrating classic characters from the pages of 2000 AD. Playlounge, the innovative toyshop in London’s Beak Street, have assembled over forty of the biggest names in art and design to create their own interpretations of 2000 AD characters. Artists contributing to Zarjaz! include Bounty Hunter, James Jarvis , Pete Fowler & the Lego Design team! Leading sports/lifestyle brand Puma will produce five limited edition (100 run only) T-shirts designed by some of the participating artists. These are exclusive to Zarjaz! and only available at the exhibition space.

Zarjaz! will be open at 11 Shorts Gardens in Seven Dials, London WC2 from December 10 through to the January 10, Monday to Saturday from 12pm to 6:30pm and is free of charge.

Stay tuned for a 2000AD themed competition...

PS The Strontium Dog audio stories starring Simon Pegg as Johnny Alpha are still online here.

Last Updated 23 November 2005