£397,762 for a poster?

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£397,762 for a poster?

Best use bluetac and not drawing pins to stick it up then.

An original poster for Fritz Lang's 1927 science fiction film Metropolis has sold for a world record price of $690,000

That beats the price paid for The Mummy poster (watched that again recently - why did they ever think they could pull off a remake?) and the fiver we paid for the one of the tennis girl scratching her arse that hangs in Londonist HQ.

A tidy little profit then for London's Reel Poster chaps. Makes us wonder if it's worth stealing more posters from the cinema than we already do.

One set of posters that probably won't be worth quite that much in 80 years time are the new ones about to be unveiled for the upcoming V for Vendetta adaptation. Not much to see yet as we guess they are doing the unveiling on Yank time. Our guess is that the 'excitement' of new posters will not really make up for the fact that we should have been sat down watching the film on November the 5th.

The original release date was set back over worries it may not be appropriate to release the movie so soon after the London bombings - especially because the hero does have a thing for blowing up large chunks of London.

Of course if you were to hold back all movies simply because their subject matter may be a little too close to real life for comfort then we'd never get to see Metropolis either.

Last Updated 16 November 2005