Miamist - What A Day To Launch An -ist

By Rob Last edited 161 months ago
Miamist - What A Day To Launch An -ist

This week sees another USist site join the fold: Miamist.

Now, we thought Miamist had enough problems deciding whether or not to double up the letter I at the end of their name (Miam-ist or Miamee-ist?)

But then hurricane Wilma struck and, to be honest with you, we're a little jealous. Honestly, how many sites get to post stuff like this on their first day:

Metal is peeling and all of our window screens are blowing off. This thing is really scary. We have lost all power and the wind gusts are incredible. Just a minute ago we could hear fire engines until every car alarm in the parking lot started going off. With no air conditioning, it is getting hot and no idea what the constant snapping sound is from outside the building... wondering if that's the roof? One more band like that and this thing is going to come off... shingles everywhere.

Weirdly, the little weather report icon on the Miamist sidebar currently reads "Light Rain and Windy"!

Last Updated 24 October 2005