Just Call Her Angel Of The Morning

By Talia Last edited 159 months ago
Just Call Her Angel Of The Morning

And so it's all change over at XFM in the next few weeks.As we know current breakfast host, Christian O'Connell, announced his departure and move to Virgin Radio, albeit back in May. But now the time has come, after months of speculation, to declare our very favourite ex britpop girl and current drivetime host, Lauren Laverne, as the Queen of Breakfast Radio.

In London's intense radio breakfast market, Lauren will be the only female host providing a credible contrast up against the likes of Moyles, Vaughn, Theakston, oh and of course Neil Fox. But will her Sunderland accent prove to much for the home counties boys to deal with first thing in the morning; after all Sara Cox's most hated facet on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show was her Northern accent - now she's on in the afternoon everyone has warmed to her. Here at Londonist, we baulk at accent haters, and look forward to the warmth and knowledge Lauren has brought to the station over the past 21 months continuing. Indeed with her new position as host of CD:UK, things are certainly looking up for Ms Laverne and we can only expect more greatness. (Would it be too much for us to hope of a Kenickie one off gig? Please!)

Replacing her on drivetime will be current weekend breakfast host, 25 year old Lucio. Starting his radio career at Hull University's student radio station, he was poached from Kerrang! by X earlier this year after winning a Sony Radio Award for Best Daytime Show

No news though on mid morning host and Londonist favourite Shaun Keaveney. Initially rumoured to be O'Connoll's replacement, it looks likely that Shaun will be off to Manchester to launch the northern XFM branch later in the year.

Last Updated 05 October 2005