What To Order... At London Bridge Station

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What To Order... At London Bridge Station

So. You're going away, maybe for an evening of leisure, maybe for a few days holiday, maybe for your job... basically, you're on your way out of town. This means going to a big station and waiting for the right train. You may be waiting for longer than you expected, due to the whims and fancies of Fate (and the rail networks) - and you may get hungry as you stare hopelessly and helplessly at the departure boards that never seem to show the train you've booked a ticket for but which doesn't, at the most crucial point, seem to exist.

It could easily get to the point where, with no train details or platform information forthcoming, you have to eat right now.

Discarded newspapers, the bloke next to you waiting for the 17.45 to Brighton, your own left arm all start to look appealing... if you find yourself in this situation at London Bridge station, read on for advice on what to order: just don't eat the train tracks, you'll be wanting them later...

On the main concourse

The Bridge Bar - one of the brighter and cleaner bars to be found in a mainline station, not great for food unless you're absolutely desperate (the menu is described broadly as "American") but the place to head to if you're after liquid refreshment and a sit-down. Toilets are available to paying patrons and will require a code from the bar staff - irritating but customers are guaranteed a slightly cleaner lavatorial experience for it

West Cornwall Pasty Company - hot, savoury, portable pasties are available from this stand near the platform gates. A large range of tempting fillings include traditional Cornish pasty filing, steak and stilton, lamb and mint, chicken tikka, cheese and mushroom and at least one sweet option

Burger King - hot fast food for those who don't mind the smell, taste or after-taste of the goods from this franchise (note: not always hot or fast)

Delice de France - baguettes and pastries, coffee and cold drinks; straightforward portable food in quite generous portions but with little or no inspirational touches

Body Shop - with all the fruit and food based cosmetic products available here, it could be easy to confuse this shop with a juice bar (mango, strawberry, passionfruit smoothie shampoo? Vanilla and cocoa butter body cream? We've all made that mistake before) NOT A JUICE BAR: does not serve food

The Upper Crust - available seating puts this baguette and pastries outlet above Delice de France but only just

Ixxy's Bagels - for those who don't fancy a baguette, pasty or burger

Costa Coffee - some seating available, with a range of panini and cakes to go with your beverage of choice. A slightly better quality of coffee is available here out of all the outlets that "do" coffee on the concourse. Also closest to the departure boards

Millie's Cookies - soft, gooey cookies of many varieties, good for those with a sweet tooth and a penchant for sugary baked goods

Joiner Street (one level below main concourse) - concession stands only

Starbucks - the usual but conveniently placed at the entrance to Joiner Street, good for both Tube and overground sections of the station

West Cornwall Pasty Company - see description under Main Concourse

The Bagel Factory - a bit better than Ixxy's Bagels upstairs as this stand assembles bagels to order from fresh ingredients with hot bagel options too

PIE - stands for Pure Individual Excellence; this is a stall selling luxury hand made pies with a changing daily specials list including good vegetarian options (such as spicy butterbean) and fruit smoothies. Prices a bit high but a bit more of a treat than a Cornish pasty

The Vaults - the corridor leading from Joiner Street to escalators to main concourse

The odd gourmet gem can be found in this stretch of shops and food stalls

Souper Douper - freshly squeezed fruit juices and a range of soups for the other type of liquid lunch

Chocology - fancy chocolates in nice wrapping for the self-indulgent or as a gift to a loved one

Cranberry - dried fruit, huge range of nuts, some chocolate or yoghurt coated; customers are invited to scoop into paper bags what they want and pay by weight. The range is excellent with dried strawberries, mangoes and shelled pistachios available for those who like this sort of thing

Paul - gourmet French patisserie with some sandwiches and savoury goods

Copes Seafood - fresh fish and shellfish but no ready to eat items (remember kids: it's okay to eat a pie on a crowded rush-hour train but assembling your own sushi is very not acceptable)

Wendell's Deli and Sausages - a great pair of stalls, one selling deli items such as olives, dips, dolmas, salads and quiches and the other selling a huge range of sausages including highly recommended vegetarian sausages, salami, ham and jerky

Being so close to Borough Market has clearly had a good influence on London Bridge station; the choice and quality range from bog standard station foodstuffs to quite mouthwatering gourmet items. Make the most of that delayed train and tuck in!

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