Tavistock Festival

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Tavistock Festival
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If you're looking for a bit of free entertainment this weekend (what, did you spend all you wages already?) then you might want to take a trip down Portobello way.

The Tavistock Festival, is a free outdoor festival which incorporates live musical and arts performances as well as screenings of short films.

Running all day on 11 September in Tavistock Square you'll be able to take in live dance, theatre and poetry, four hours of live acoustic music and three hours of short, independent films.

Okay, so you'd have to be a bit of a 'culture junky' (or a speed junky) to get through all that lot but it's a good opportunity to pick and choose, although the festival's programme isn't exactly forthcoming when it comes to exact details of who or what is on when.

The Tavistock Festival run from 12noon to 9pm on the Sunday 11 September.

Last Updated 08 September 2005