Oxfam Doesn't Want Your Tat

By Rob Last edited 160 months ago
Oxfam Doesn't Want Your Tat

Are you the person who donated a "box of assorted false teeth" to a Wimbledon branch of Oxfam yesterday?

If so, what the hell were you thinking? And well done, you made it into the news!

Reuters is reporting today that Oxfam is getting a little fed up with all the tat people are donating to their outlets because it's costing "500,000 pounds a year to sift through and dispose of".

Apparently this is the same amount the charity spends "on projects in Rwanda or Eritrea" each year.

Oxfam's director of trading said on BBC Radio today that "Increasingly people are just giving us rubbish", but of course they're still "grateful for the incredible donations we receive from the community".

Just not the false teeth.

Last Updated 06 September 2005