More Free Gigs

By londonist_mark Last edited 160 months ago
More Free Gigs

HMV and Virgin went head to head this week with the release of their respective digital downloads services (Virgin last Friday, HMV yesterday). We're really not too bothered where you buy your music from, but iPod users will find neither service compatible with their shiny white boxes. That'll be Apple feeling a little protective of the iTunes store then.

What these launches have meant is a week of instores, of which we've already missed out on The Dandy Warhols at Virgin and Maximo Park at HMV last night. We are soooooo sorry. Editro has sentenced us all to 100 lashes and a week of listening to The Cheeky Girls album.

But you do have four days left to catch the following bands playing and signing stuff at the big HMV on Oxford Street.

Today: Clor at 6pm

Wednesday: My Computer at 1pm and The Go! Team at 6pm

Thursday: Echo and the Bunnymen at 1pm and Goldie Lookin Chain at 6pm

Friday: Soulwax at 6pm

Last Updated 06 September 2005