Mid Week Music News

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Mid Week Music News

What's so funny 'bout peace, love and understanding? Well pretty much everything if you're a rock'n'roller. You'd think they had better things to do than slag each other off all the time. Like make records or something. But no. So this week we have Art Brut's Eddie Argos laying into everyone's favourite pop punching bag, Pete D; Keith Richards laying into Sir Bob; Kanye West laying into George dribble-u Bush (someone speaking sense on US network tv, that'll be a first); Ian Brown laying into Kasabian and finally Hard-Fi laying into Sir Elton.

Sir Elton's measured response was to plan a sitcom about his life. Awesome. But not nearly as awesome as Jerry Hall's new Mick-baiting reality tv show. We can't wait for those two to hit Channel 5.

So finally our commiserations to Robbie Williams, who's just lost his bout with the United States, and our sympathies to Coldplay who didn't like their poor album reviews in the self same land of the free. Well we wrote them a good one, and did they call to say thank you? No. Ungrateful sods...

Now for some gigs to go to.

Tonight: Gloom dance rockers (if you can have such a thing, which obviously you can) VHS or Beta play 93 Feet East.

**Updated** Dusty Sound System are playing their third gig at the Troubadour on the Old Brompton Road, with Robin from Goldrush gathering together quite an impressive supergroup for the occasion including Mr David Viner, Richard from the Eighteenth Day Of May, Ben Swank of the Soledad Brothers, Loz from Ride and others. should be good.

Thursday: Gentle alt.country folksters The Broken Family Band play songs about robots at Spitz on Commercial Street, E1.

Friday: Liverpool's dirty blues sleaze rockers The Black Velvets play Club NME at Koko. Check out their debut LP here.

Saturday: Loveable US indie pop loons We Are Scientists play late night at the Mean Fiddler on Frog night

Sunday: Alabama 3 get stripped down and dirty at the White Lion (232 Streatham High Road) with Londonist faves The Colonies in support. Check here for ticket details.

Monday & Tuesday: A quietish couple of nights but a great week for album releases so why not stay in with some new tunes.

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Last Updated 07 September 2005