London to New York By Train?

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London to New York By Train?

"Under the sea, there'll be no accusations, just friendly crustaceans."

When Homer J. Simpson first uttered these immortal words he was dreaming of a place of make-believe. But one day we might just be able to join him in his little ethereal world, aboard a high speed train to New York no less.

Apparently plans have been a foot for such a natatorial train since Churchill, Roosevelt, and their military advisers discussed the feasibility of the project during World War II - that is if you believe the rather suspicious looking website

The web-site is "proud" to announce in September 2009 their first high-speed magnetic suspension train will embark on its maiden journey under the Atlantic Ocean from London to New Jersey. We can only imagine that they, like Homer, are living in LaLa land and such a tunnel is just a pipe dream of some savvy investment fund or high school dreamer. however have suggested a slightly more achievable way of connecting Blighty with the Big Apple in the form of a floating tunnel that moves with the currents. They propose a train that could travel the 3,100 mile long journey in 54 minutes.

This will however (like Maurice Elvey's 1935 film, Transatlantic Tunnel) will probably just have to remain science fiction gold.

Last Updated 27 September 2005