London Bombings Update

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London Bombings Update

We tried to watch the live coverage on BBC News 24 of the family of Jean Charles de Menezes visiting the scene of his death, but found the whole thing too depressing. The running commentary didn't help - "His mother is breaking down...", nor the sight of the press pack all huddled round trying to get the 'best' photograph of the bewildered and traumatised family. Not one of the Beeb's best moments.

Matozinhos Otone Da Silva and Maria Otone de Menezes were joined by their surviving son Giovani and his cousin Alex in retracing Jean Charles' final moments. En route to Stockwell they were interviewed about their trip and in particular their thoughts about Met Chief Sir Ian Blair. Not surprisingly they have called for him to resign.

In related news a woman has been arrested regarding the leak to the press of the Independent Police Complaints Commission's inquiry into the shooting.

A new suspect was arrested yesterday in connection with the failed bombing attempt of July 21.

Two teenagers have been charged with arson after setting fire to the home of July 7 suicide bomber Germaine Lindsay.

One of the survivors of the July 7 attack is walking again after losing part of his leg:

Mr Holness fell to the ground and began reassuring other passengers that they were going to be all right. "I started pulling people to the left and the right," he told BBC News. "I heard a woman shout out 'I have lost my legs' and automatically I thought 'let me look at my leg' and I just went straight to my left leg and I put it up at such an angle, I thought I have lost this."

The Guardian has been running the story of Martine Wright, another survivor who lost both legs in the attack: Part One. Part Two.

Last Updated 28 September 2005