London Bombings Update

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London Bombings Update

Turns out the four original bombers did a practice run at the end of June. Imagine that. You arrive at a station together, go your separate ways and then keeping an eye on your watch you countdown the seconds until your backpack would have exploded. Maybe you take a look at the people sat around you - oblivious to the fact they'd all be dead if this was the real thing. Then you get off the train and go meet your friends for a takeaway. Mind. Boggling.

Al Qaeda's number two has now claimed responsibility for the bombings. Yeah, fuck you too.

Survivors and the relatives of those killed in the London bombs should receive at least £10,000 from the London Bombings Relief Charitable Fund. That's from the £9 million raised by the public so far.

Meanwhile Sir Ian Blair, the Met police commissioner, is to face an official investigation into whether he told the truth about the killing of Jean Charles de Menezes:

Sources have told the Guardian that by just after 4pm on July 22 senior officers were discussing possible consequences of the shooting. The officers knew the name of the shot man and the fact that he was a Brazilian national. Sir Ian had defended the shooting at a press conference at 3.30pm that day, though senior officers believed there was a significant likelihood that the wrong man had been killed.

Hussain Osman is facing extradition back to the UK from Italy within 35 days to face charges over the failed bomb attacks on the 21st of July.

The BBC has a growing section on the London bombings (including photos and obituaries of the 52 people who died) right here.

Last Updated 20 September 2005