Lewinsky Hits London

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Lewinsky Hits London

A couple of weeks back we told you that Monica Lewinsky was coming to the London School of Economics to study for her postgraduate masters course in social psychology.

Well, this weekend she arrived in town and the Telegraph was on hand to ask current LSE students what they thought.

24-year-old Nick "Bang" Pauro (we can only wonder how he got that nickname) is the the LSE's entertainment manager and pretty chuffed that Monica has accepted his invitation to the fresher's foam party.

After 'Bang' the Telegraph rather inevitably heads for the 'President' of the LSE students' union who says: "My official title is general secretary. Inappropriate relations? I don't know what you think my role involves, but general secretary is a very serious position."

Student chastises Telegraph for not being serious enough? That has to be a first.

On coming to London Ms Lewinsky has said, "Maybe I will meet my husband there and have some kids," but the paper can't seem to find any willing volunteers.

However according to their in-depth research Monica's best chances might be at the athletic union nights in the Three Tuns student bar on Wednesdays becasue they are "general carnage, a lot of fun, [with] drunken sportsmen singing appalling songs," or maybe the hilariously named Beaver's Retreat bar, which we're told is non-smoking so "no cigars allowed".

Last Updated 19 September 2005