Connecting Spaces

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Connecting Spaces

If you're looking for a bit of contemporary culture this weekend, especially something which might make you think about London in a different light, then you might want to think about nipping down to Bethnal Green where the Seven Seven gallery has a new exhibition by 'emerging multi-disciplinary artist' Kezia Cantwell-Wright.

The show, entitled 'Connecting Spaces' is a bit of a artistic pick and mix, comprising of photographs, drawings and interactive sculptures that "explore the geometry and structure of modernist architecture, which acts as a metaphor for the relationships between sections of society".

And if all that sounds a bit too heavy, bear in mind that the work references toys and puzzles (Lego sculptures for example) that "present the city as something that can be taken apart and put back together in another formation".

Connecting Spaces is free and runs at the Seven Seven gallery every day, 12-6pm from tomorrow until 18 Spetember.

Last Updated 01 September 2005