Club 9-11 Torture Holidays etc

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Club 9-11 Torture Holidays etc

A few airport related stories jumped out at us this morning while we were fingering our new short squat Berliner.

First up was the eyebrow raising story of an alleged war criminal getting the better of Scotland Yard detectives by simply refusing to leave his seat on his plane after it touched down at Heathrow. Former senior Israeli officer Doron Almog got wind of police plans to have him arrested once he set foot on British soil and proved that the arm of the law isn't all that long.

We weren't aware that the passenger compartment of airplanes offered sanctuary along the same lines as say Embassy buildings (or churches if you're a hunchback), but we'll store this little fact away just in case the Department of Homeland Security ever wants a word with us the next time we're US bound.

Speaking of Americans it seems that the CIA have been flying in and out of British airports like the clappers - some 210 times in the last four years - racking up terror suspects bound for torture-friendly countries rather than air miles.

Privately, Ministry of Defence officials admit that they are aware of the flights, and that they have decided to turn a blind eye. "It is not a matter for the MoD," said one. "The aircraft use our airfields. We don't ask any questions

The Guardian print edition has an extensive report on how exactly we've been helping bend those pesky Human Rights laws, but for now it remains offline.

If the thought of us oiling the torture process makes you lose the smile you had from watching that dick Clarkson get pied in the face then Mark Lawson reckons now is a good time to have your new passport photos taken.

As for the new Guardian... we like it with a few reservations. No idea what they were thinking when they decided to bring over Simon Jenkins from The Times, but once rolled up it makes for a very refreshing THWACK across the back of the head of someone you know who is actually looking forward to seeing Revolver.

Last Updated 12 September 2005