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When we were over in New York recently visiting the Gothamist folk everyone was Dodgeballing. And we don't mean the running aroound throwing footballs at each other kind of dodgeball, we mean the mobile social software kind of Dodgeball that was recently bought out by Google.

The basic idea was that you registered on the site and then texted a number to let the system know where you'd be that evening. Then you got a notification to let you know where all your 'friends' were, if anyone was nearby and (crucially) if anyone you fancy was going to be out and about.

London doesn't have Dodgeball (yet), but as of this month we do have Barpeople.

The concept is a little different but the outcome is basically the same. This time you have to sign up to the site and let them know your favourite bars, pubs, restaurants etc. The idea being that ""People who share similar spaces share similar interests."

Now we're not sure if that's always going to be 100% true, but as 'social networking' goes it's got to be a whole lot better than speed dating right? Plus, it's free.

The site is currently in 'prelaunch' mode meaning that you can go over there and sign up now to help them out with their initial testing.

Last Updated 02 September 2005