Are isopods the new iPod?

By sizemore Last edited 163 months ago
Are isopods the new iPod?

Well it beats chickens.

Two disgusting interesting wriggly stories in one day. First it was the ferocious Scolopendra gigantea - evil looking bastard thing in plain English - and now we have your actual tongue eating parasite.

This cute little fellow was found inside a fish dish in South London and although we all had a good dry heave it's actually made the people at the Horniman Museum quite excited while Lewisham council are quite predictably playing down the whole thing calling the tongue eating louse a harmless natural phenomenon.

Yeah if your name's David Cronenberg.

We expect the excretia resembling sexual parasites from Shivers to surface in the Thames any day now and for God's sake avoid girls with penile growths in their armpits until we get to the bottom of this latest critter outbreak.

Expect a full report soon.

Last Updated 01 September 2005