After "Brooklyn Beckham", Will It Be "London Spears"?

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After "Brooklyn Beckham", Will It Be "London Spears"?

An intriguing report on suggests that Britney Spears, who needs no introduction here, is considering calling the baby she's expecting "London".

Spears said, while discussing her three top choices:

"Or London Preston. Isn't London pretty?"

Britney has already given her own name to Cockney rhyming slang for hops-based alocholic drinks. It is very pleasing to see her return the favour, and repay the Transatlantic debt established when the Beckhams had the taste to name their first child after part of New York.

Her other two choices were "Sean Preston" if it's a boy and "Addison Shye" if it's a girl. Preston, Lancashire, must be delighted.

Britney also condemned parent who give their babies silly names:

"We watched this programme on TV on wacky baby names. I was like, oh my goodness some of these names people come up with are craaaaazy."

No comment.

Last Updated 01 September 2005


Obviously she has to go for London Preston, if only for the lucrative sponsorship tie-ins with Virgin Cross Country Trains this would open up...


I actually went to school with a girl who's first name was London...ethnically, she is Chinese but her adopted parents are white. Their last name is, wait for it, England. So yes, her name is London England. Kid you not.

Her little sister is called Button. Button England.

Regarding Britney, I absolutely don't care about her opinion because she is from that part of America that spells Britney in such a way. It should be Brittany, like that part of France, but alas, thats the States for ya. They also use names like Tyler and Hunter and Mackenzie way too much.


thats bcuz when chinese ppl come to different countries most don't know english very well so tend to name there kids either very popular names like Bob or something outrageous like Button.