2012 Bid - Images From The Official Celebrations

By Rob Last edited 158 months ago
2012 Bid - Images From The Official Celebrations

As you may have seen by now this afternoon the postponed celebrations for the 2012 Olympic bid were held in Trafalgar Square, and of course Londonist was there, camera in hand to see what was going on.


As we arrived we could see from the top deck of our number 88 bus two figures suspended from the top of Nelson's Column who soon 'ran' down the landmark unfurling huge 2012 banners as they went.

Here's one of the brave banner blokes in his fetching white jumpsuit catching his breath at the bottom of the column.


Then the party really got started with Seb Coe and Ken making speeches and Heather Small belting out 'Pride', the official anthem of the bid.


There was also plenty of confetti being thrown into the air by a couple of high-powered 'air canons' (that's what we're calling them anyway) and soon the whole of the square was covered in little bits of multi-coloured bits of paper to the delight of everyone, young and old.


Last Updated 01 September 2005