Yo Ho Me Hearties

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Yo Ho Me Hearties

With all the damn terrorists running around we forgot to mention a much older, more dangerous and bepatched group of brigands running around London - PIRATES!

The South Bank of the Thames is filthy with sea dogs (every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 6pm) as The Scoop is besieged by the in turn bedraggled and buxom cast of Treasure Island:

Young Jim Hawkins seems on course for fame and fortune when he learns the far off location of hidden pirate spoils. With the bold and beautiful Lady Trelawny, he recruits a crew of the hardiest sea dogs and sea bitches to sail the good ship Hispaniola to Treasure Island. But there’s mutiny in the air and soon all are in deadly peril from the most ruthless pirate to ever terrorise the seven seas - LONG JOHN SILVER! The question is, can our young "Jim Lad" out-wit the scoundrel and live to claim the treasure?

Well we're not going to ruin the ending for you... but if you go along you'll see a LOT of shanty singing, a drop of audience participation, sword fights, a very large parrot, gun shots and about a million very pleased children.

And there's plenty here to please the adults - including one low budget Baz Luhrmann style set piece that incorporates twenty or so well known songs with a new cheesy theme complete with dancing mice and brummie castaways. Any play that nods its musical head to Frank Sinatra and KISS is ok by us.

The by now surely exhausted cast have been performing Treasure Island (and the more adult themed Children of Hercules) since the beginning of July so you've only got a couple more weeks to get along and see them. The plays are absolutely free and are another reason why this part of London is becoming one of our favourite places to hang out in the evenings - we can't think of anywhere else you'd run into pirates and tavern wenches buying sarnies in Marks & Spencers...

Last Updated 02 August 2005