Wembley: Ready Or Not?

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Wembley: Ready Or Not?
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Wow, that didn't take long did it?

After yesterday's stories about construction firm Multiplex's losses over the Wembley reconstruction project, The Times has wasted no time in pouring salt on the wound:

Construction industry experts have cast doubt on whether Wembley Stadium would be completed in time to host the 2006 FA Cup Final even as Multiplex, the Australian builder, pledged to get the job done.

It's all very mysterious but these 'experts' seem to be "industry insiders" who are quoted as saying that "Multiplex was having problems on site, in particular with subcontractors, with whom it was 'adopting a very tough approach'.

How tough exactly? Are we in Sopranos territory here?

One 'construction chief' says "It’s very disappointing for the industry but I would be amazed if they finished on time. It hasn’t helped that they have said they will recoup some of their losses through the supply chain."

The problem lies in the fact that the stadium has to be licensed by Brent council and before that can happen Wembley National Stadium Limited has to show, among other things, that the stadium can be evacuated when it is full.

The numerous planned 'warm-up events'(including a friendly England game that was scheduled for January) have had to be cancelled and "no alternative events have been scheduled".

The article also contains this, rather uncertain, quote from a WNSL spokesperson: "We have to agree with them what we will do and then we’ll do it. There’s likely to be a least one big event."

What's that noise? Could it be the sound of a thousand bitter Parisians rubbing their hands together with anticipatory glee?

Last Updated 19 August 2005