The Thursday Blog-U-Like

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The Thursday Blog-U-Like

Another Thursday, another one of our regular Londonist blog round-ups. That is if you count every few weeks to be regular. So without further ado, let's see who's been smoking on the London Blog-Bong recently.

First up we'll take a trip to Plark who claims to be "in between jobs" which means he's watching lots of daytime telly including a program about therapeutic uses of poisons.

...I'm also a big believer in what people know, and the ones who were having "bee therapy" for MS were extremely pleased. They reported having movement back that they had never had, they would come back three times a week for therapy.

Of course, how much treatments such as these are physically beneficial and how much is pure placebo is very near impossible to tell. It's certainly beyond the remit of this ITV programme which appears to suggest that the success rate of these therapies are very much larger than they actually are.

Also watching the box this week was Little Things who asks Did anyone see that taxidermy championship documentary on BBC 2 last night? Seeing as you asked, yes we did. And it was just as brilliant/awful as we were expecting it to be. Worst of all was the nine-year-old girl from Missouri who took great pleasure in killing and skinning a deer. Oh dear.

Perhaps it's this bloody awful weather, but Grammar Puss has also been blogging about TV, while John from Islingtongue is only being marginally more adventurous by going to the cinema. He went to see the new Saint Etienne film 'Finisterre' at the ICA. He liked it. Which is nice. Although we could have done without him reminding us that Saint Etienne's 'So Tough' album was released in 1992. That'll be thirteen years ago then.

Talking of the weather, it's obviously riled Diamond Geezer who this week takes it out on St Swithin, stating that "St Swithin was wrong (as he has been every year since 971 AD)". Which you can't help but feel is a little harsh, as you can hardly blame a 9th Century Benedictine monk for a saying that came about over 100 years after his death.

Not to be put off by a bit of rain though, trusty photoblogger Curiously Incongruous has been out and about as usual taking snaps of our city. This week he has been mostly taking photos of fences. You've got to have a hobby.

Another London blogger to venture outside this week was Misty from Momentary lapses of insanity who's dog took a shine to a hedgehog. Of course, we only mention this so we can link to our favourite picture of the week - baby hedgehogs. Ahhh.

Right, that's enough cuteness - it's time for a rant. And if you want to read a rant, there's no place better than Fred Riley's excellent Harry's Happy Hamster Home. (Don't let the cute title put you off.) The latest offering is a rant against the awful buzzword "solution".

"Ibase: your total solution" - WTF is a "total solution"? A universal solvent? Something that will solve any problem anywhere anytime? God? How can image management software be a "total solution"? Where the feck does "total" come into it? Will it cure my gout/willie-rash/hives/depression/leprosy? Will it bring peace, wealth and happiness and solve all my emotional needs?

Finally it's been brought to our attention that one of Londonist's biggest fans Casino Avenue has now left the building. Shame.

Image above from Caroline's Photography.

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