Stone Cold Feet

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Stone Cold Feet

Sharon Stone was pretty cool in Sam Raimi's The Quick and The Dead and erm... Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol, but that's about it. More famous for her undercarriage than her ability to deliver a line, she's about to rekindle her career with Basic Instinct 2, which has just finished filming in London. That must bring back fond memories of her time with Steve Guttenberg as she's playing across from acting behemoth Stan Collymore.

We'd buy tickets now if we could.

Shazza is in the news again this morning (well South Florida dot com anyway and probably a couple of tabloids too by now) as it turns out that she's a trifle scared of terrorists. Used to acting as strong women though there was no way she was going to run to some big strong man for protection... she moved in with Elton John instead.

Apparently the terrified actress felt safer staying at the Rocket Man's $12 million mansion in sleepy Windsor, Berkshire following the recent terrorist attacks. Now everyone was a little edgy after the blasts and perhaps after a few weeks of rubbing shoulders with ordinary Londoners on the tube (safe from autograph hunters because let's face it - would anyone really recognise her from the navel up?) she felt worried just like the rest of us.

What's that you say? According to the Mirror you read in the dentist's waiting room last month she's been a tad reclusive?

she has insulated herself, Roan, five, and 10-week-old Laird, from the outside world. Rather than cook she prefers to order in and is a takeaway fan of Carlton Tower's Rib Room and Oyster bar. She also uses a company called Room Service to deliver to her door. Shopping comes from Harrods and is taken up by her security team. A chauffeur - non-smoking at her request - drives her to Pinewood Studios or central locations such as the Natural History Museum, the Gherkin tower, and Canary Wharf.

Oh well... at least she'll be VERY safe for the rest of the shoot and we'd hate to see anything happen to her before she goes up to collect her Razzie once the film opens.

The above pic is an original illustration from Jane Austen's 'Basic Instinct'

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