Revolver Trailer

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Revolver Trailer

Just when we got used to Jason Statham's flippable features (ie if you took his head off, turned it upside down and reattached it no one would notice) he goes and grows a bloody great big moustache - or maybe had one glued on. Oh well, it looks about as realistic as anything else in Guy Ritchie’s slightly skewed view of gangsters, London and dried up old pop singers (get well soon Madge/Esther/Whatever).

The full trailer for The Bethnall Green Town Hall Massacre Revolver is now online.

It's full of silliness, but not the kind of silliness we're want to overlook Statham get up to in Eurotosh like The Transporter. This looks typically Ritchie - loud, crass and shot like a beer commercial.

Should make Ray Liotta feel right at home.

Statham plays the boringly monikered Jake Green. We were hoping for something like Ard Arry or The Sledge. Since Lock Stock he's found a little niche playing ludicrously named characters:

Bacon, Turkish, Mr B, Evan Funsch, The Broadhurst Monk, Shrike, Handsome Rob and (our favourite) Airport Man.

Maybe this time out no one wanted to draw attention to the rest of the cast and in particular the actor with the unlikely name of André 3000. Are they cloning bad actors now ala The Island - if not, spare a thought for this chap's son with the even more unlikely name of Seven 3000. Someone should call Childline.

It's due out in September and will probably do very well. Can't wait to see Ritchie's name where it belongs. Right next to Ant & Dec.

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Yes folks, Mike has no idea who Andre 3000 is.

That's because we have to keep him out of sight in the Londonist Dungeon.

Otherwise he gets up to mischief.


There now follows a rare glimpse into the secret world of the Londonist Forum:

Rob - Mike, do you seriously not know who Andre 3000 is?

Greg - uh, yeah, that needs to emended wit' a quickness...

Mike - I have no idea. Is he famous? He's not the son of Eric 2000 and Sandra 1000 is he?

Greg - baby don't mess around? ...because she loves me so? ...and this I know fo sho? Is any of this ringing a bell?

Mike - I just googled him. Who the fuck are Outkast? Is this a crappy music thing? I wish idiots would stick to one thing that they are bad at. Greg, no. Although the 'fo sho' makes me think we are talking about something 'urban'.

time passes

Mike - Ooooohhhhhh. That music that played over the top of Charlie Brown all over the internets last year was REAL? Damn. People listen to anything eh? I stand by my post. Fucker shouldn't be making films if he hasn't got a real name.

Although I do like The Rock. That Scorpion King flick was awesome.

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