Just Die Already

By sizemore Last edited 159 months ago
Just Die Already

We have that BBC alert gizmo where BREAKING NEWS pops up on the desktop to thundering dramatic music - it only ever seems to bring bad news like just now when we learned that Mo Mowlam died.

It never pops up to say Kittens Are Cute or to even state the obvious like Norman Tebbit Is Still A Night-Walking Caricature Right Wing Racist Fuck, Impervious To The March Of Time, IRA Bombs And Silver Bullets.

He is back on the front page of the BBC though.

It was bad enough when he had actual power back in the '80s to hear him rattle off bollocks about people not being welcome here if they didn't support English cricket. The last time this Londonist cheered the swinging of a cricket bat it was watching Shaun of the Dead - don't make us get red on us and put you out of our misery you fossilised zombie fascist deadite.

Hearing his dead soul howl about Islam now does at least remind us what lies at the heart of the Conservative party. They may actually get to the point of burying those twisted views well out of sight if they ever quit squabbling about the leadership, but no matter how luxurious those homes looked in Poltergeist you wouldn’t really want to end up swimming in the mud filled corpse pool that supported their foundations.

Last Updated 19 August 2005