In Case of Emergency Break BBC

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In Case of Emergency Break BBC

Londonist was bemused to discover this morning that the BBC had a panic switch fitted back in 1934 in case the Corporation was ever taken over by extremists or worse... students:

Bullet-proof shutters were also installed as a security measure. The shutters could be instantly lowered in an emergency and two guards at the main entrance had orders not to allow any unauthorised persons to enter.

Oddly inspired we fitted our own cut-off switch this morning (well a guy called Jim installed it for us) in case we are ever overrun by undesirables or worse... students.

We also learned that the BBC have a bomb-proof archive emergency transmitter that will ensure if mankind is ever wiped from the face of the earth Only Fools and Horses and Dad's Army will survive in perpetual repetition in front of millions of unwatching dead eyes.

Business as usual then.

Last Updated 02 August 2005