"Hilarious" Tube Sign Thoroughly Debunked

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"Hilarious" Tube Sign Thoroughly Debunked

People react to trauma in different ways - grief, anger, denial - and for some Londoners the urge seems to be to run to Photoshop and create chucklesome pictures. Just look at sites like B3TA - if it wasn't for the primal human urge to use the clone stamp, mask, and dodge and burn tools, it would be but a desolate wasteland.

In the immediate aftermath of the killing of Jean Charles de Menezes, a striking image did the rounds of the internet, purporting to be a genuine Tube information board warning passengers not to run on platforms while looking a bit foreign. Well, it's definitively, absolutely, completely fake. As most of you will have guessed by now. But things are only really fake when Snopes says they're really fake.

Last Updated 02 August 2005

Annie Mole - London Undergroun

The thing I love about this is that so many people actually wanted it to be real, and didn't really care at the end of the day whether it was faked up or not, just cos it says so much about what is going on right now.

However with this, unlike the urban myth about what scientists found on London Underground seats, was much more obviously a joke from the start and the powers that be on the Tube didn't feel they had to make a statement or issue a press release saying it's made up.


Mike Atherton must be gutted, obviously, now that it's not real, especially given the time he spent writing it.


Sorry Ruth, but if I wrote it wouldn't I know that it wasn't real?