Girl Cries Wolf To Catch Flight

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Girl Cries Wolf To Catch Flight

Students eh? If they're not threatening to overrun the BBC then they're phoning in bomb hoaxes.

Yesterday 19 year old Australian Angela Sceats found herself in court charged with communicating false information with intent after texting a friend to delay a flight she was going to miss by ringing the police with a bomb threat. Nice.

The Mirror claims the text messages read something like this:

Can you ring the police and tell them there is a bomb on the 8.10pm flight from Dublin to Stansted. The number is 999. Do it now.



Sceats claims the whole thing was a misunderstood joke... it was seriously misunderstood by her friend who rang the police saying

"I just got a message from my friend who's meant to be boarding the 8.10 flight from London to Dublin. She has just messaged me to say I have got to call the police. There is a bomb on board. I am not sure of the whole situation"

If the Mail report is right and Sceats had already added "Hurry up. Do it from the phone box outside. Put on an accent. Tell there is a man with a gun to your head telling you to make the phone call." then her friend must have had a pretty good idea what the situation was.

The case is due to conclude tomorrow.

Last Updated 03 August 2005