Fake Bomber Disrupts Friday Prayer

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Fake Bomber Disrupts Friday Prayer

We haven't seen this surface anywhere else, but asharq alawsat ran a story over the weekend about a man bursting into the Regents Park mosque during Friday prayers and threatening to blow himself up:

A number of worshipers on the upper floor who witnessed the suspect entering the mosque said he burst into the room and unzipped his trousers and shouted, "I am a Jew." They noted he was carrying a large backpack and threatened that he would blow himself up. Pandemonium ensued as panic-stricken worshipers ran away form the intruder. One young man was able to get hold of the suspect, who is thought to be in his forties, and throw him on the floor, paving the way for security guards to seize him and lead him away. The police arrived at the mosque soon after and detained the attacker after covering his head to ensure he remained anonymous. Some worshipers were injured during the ordeal.

Odd that no one else has picked this up.

Last Updated 15 August 2005