Big Brother: Orlaith Walks, And The Return Of The Kinga

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Big Brother: Orlaith Walks, And The Return Of The Kinga

Drama! Drama! Just when Big Brother seemed like it could not get any more turgid, Orlaith walks, citing Derek’s "bullying" as a major factor - ”I don’t do bullies”. Hooray! Go and mope somewhere else, sweetie. Don’t let the door hit you in the arse on the way out. This is brilliant news, as it means … Kinga is back! Yes, the self-styled “crazy” chica from London has been thrown into the omnisexual BB melting pot to shake things up, meaning matchsticks no longer need to be inserted into this Londonista’s eyes in order to stay awake during an episode. Kinga is going to be fabulous value for money, especially since she needed Big Brother to explain to her ve-ry-slow-ly-and-care-ful-ly what “permission” meant.

Kinga’s secret mission – not to get nominated by at least one person – should be compelling viewing. Given that, in her Secret Garden days, she admitted she “only had two friends”, making mates inside the House could be an uphill struggle. For someone whose favourite film is Showgirls, however, will it be a challenge too far? Frankly, if it stops Derek – who bears an uncanny resemblance to C-3PO right down to the bitchy queening and preening – going on about Silver being John Wayne’s horse when everyone knows ”Hi ho, Silver” was the cry of the Lone Ranger, tears of joy will leak from the matchstick-free Londonist eye. Put life on hold – Kinga is back. This almost makes up for the British public’s collective lunacy on Friday, when darling Kemal was evicted. What, was stupidity on special offer at Asda last week or something?

Last Updated 01 August 2005


BB inmates have gone too corporate so get in there Kinga and get those mammaries working in Anthony's face.

Anyone noticed all the juicy bits about Derek have been removed from the web and sanitised? Must be a few cease and desist orders being placed by his, er, cleaner. A tabloid scoop waiting to happen ;-)

Wouldn't it be great if the UK forgot Kemal once he has sung his obligatory remake of a remake single. zzzzz zzzzzz zzzzzz zzzzzzzz

David B.

yeh, looks like orlaith was the only one to see the beast in the mirror and had to leave, spooky but it had to be done. BB Live feed mutes out whenever the issue is discussed, guess the lawyers are listening.


I -still- can't believe Kemal got evicted. How did that happen, seriously? Was it at least close? That makes absolutely no sense.

I still think Derek is going to win it all.


Yup. Was close. 51.5% voted for kemal. Is it just me, or does anyone else think Eugine looks like Errol the hamster from Roland Rat Superstar fame?


Haha, jk, I haven't seen Roland Rat for years but I immediately knew which puppet you meant ... !

I really, really hope Derek doesn't win. I'm backing Kinga now. Or Eugene. It would be amazing if a Secret Garden housemate were to win! Sorry, Makosi, I'm fed up with you, too.