Banksy on Holiday

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Banksy on Holiday

Banksy's work scattered across London tends to divide people somewhat, but not as much as great big fuck off illegal wall does.

Packing his stencils and spray cans, he went to the Middle East to share his vision with those living on the Palestinian side. His visit is recorded in the nine stencilled pictures, some surreal, some poignant, he left on the gigantic barrier. His latest work was on his website yesterday, labelled "holiday snaps".

The Guardian covers the escapade here and has a gallery for those not wanting to navigate the Banksy website.

The best bit (aside from the art) is this exchange between the artist and the military:

Soldier: What the fuck are you doing?

Banksy: You'll have to wait until it's finished.

Soldier (to colleagues): Safety's off


The top image is taken from the Londonist Flickr Pool

Last Updated 05 August 2005