Ayman al-Zawahri... Talk To The Hand

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Ayman al-Zawahri... Talk To The Hand

Because London ain't listening.

When Osama is too busy (or bored with the whole terrorist thing or perhaps dead) he lets his trusted lieutenant, Ayman al-Zawahri take the helm of the good ship al-Qaeda, so it was his cheerful little face that broke the bad news earlier tonight that we should expect more attacks here in London. Yeah cheers Ayman, but we're way ahead of you. We were expecting them before the two attacks actually happened and we've been expecting more since and we'll keep on expecting them for the foreseeable future. We just won't let them have the effect that you seem to wish they'd have.

As for saying that we have to get our troops out of Iraq... again we were at the front of that queue. Back in 2003 almost two million of us marched because we thought Blair was wrong in the first place. The thing with Tony is that he's not prone to doing things he doesn't want to so we reckon he'll go on ignoring your demands just like he did our suggestion that following Dubya's lead was perhaps a mistake.

But telling us to get out or else we'll get bombed is only going to get you laughed at or perhaps told to fuck off and annoy someone else.

There are many reasons not to have invaded Iraq, but we're not going to pull out on your say so. We understand you may be a little cut off from things and it may well be that you only just heard of the attacks themselves (because we don't believe for a moment your little boy's club is all that organised), but surely you've heard of what a stubborn bunch we are. Bringing the capital to a halt is not going to work in a country that enjoys queuing.

Of course elsewhere it looks like Mr Blair is once again under more pressure to pull out early - and we're not talking rubbish birth control from Cherie:

British intelligence services do draw such a link between US/British foreign policy and the violent attacks carried out by extreme Islamists both on military targets but also the mass murder of civilians. So do senior Tories, Ken Livingstone (who today called for British troops to be pulled out of Iraq) and the Foreign Secretary who has said that the UK is part of the security problem in Iraq. It's just the defiant Tony Blair is one of the few who doesn't.

That was on Channel Four mate and over here we still pay more attention to people sat behind desks shuffling important looking pieces of paper than we do some nutter living in a cave.

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Attention people of London. You can expect us to keep attacking your ozone layer unless you start recycling and cutting down on fuel emissions Mwa ha ha ha ha!

I hate glory moments like this when all the so called leaders (or second in commands…rip off) politicians come out of the woodwork and caves to boast. Did you hear Baby Bush’s talk about al-Zawahri’s “dark plan”? And Zawibaby’s “infidels”? Does anyone want to talk about something that makes sense? And can we speak with words that are useful in 2005? I can’t find my Ancient to Modern, Modern to Ancient book of wank talk.


During an interview with the BBC around 18 months ago, in order to justify his invasion of Iraq as due to WMD's, Blair said, "You can only imagine what would have happened if I'd ignored the intelligence and then something terrible had happened".

We now know that his intelligence services were telling him that there were no WMD's in Iraq, but he insisted on "sexing up" the dossier.

We also know that five weeks before the invasion of Iraq Britains intelligence chiefs warned the government in clear terms that military action would increase the risk of terrorist attacks against Britain by groups such as al-Qaeda.

Then the UK Parliament's Intelligence and Security Committee noted in 2003: "The JIC assessed that al-Qa'eda and associated groups continued to represent by far the greatest terrorist threat to Western interests, and that threat would be heightened by military action against Iraq".

Later, in 2004, a joint Home Office and Foreign Office dossier (which had been ordered by Tony Blair following the train bombings in Madrid) identified Iraq as a "recruiting sergeant" for extremism. The analysis was that the Iraq war was acting as a key cause of young Britons turning to terrorism.

This year the government was warned yet again, just weeks before the London bombings. The Joint Terrorist Analysis Centre - including officials from MI5, MI6, GCHQ and the police - explicitly linked the Iraq war with an increased risk of terrorist activity in Britain. The report said that "Events in Iraq are continuing to act as motivation and a focus of a range of terrorist-related activity in the UK".

In other words Blair has consistently ignored his intelligence services, and by denying an Iraq/London bomb link he continues to do so.

Please can someone (Gordon?) remove his stupid grinning face from out television screens.

Blair out now!