100 At The 100 - Happy Birthday Uncut

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100 At The 100 - Happy Birthday Uncut

A rousing chorus of Happy Birthday to us will be heard from the ofices of Uncut magazine this Thursday as they publish their 100th issue. Over the past 8 years Uncut has kept us entertained with its mixture of cult movie writing and focus on classic country and folk oriented rock music. They've introduced us to some great artists (including The Drive By Truckers, Micah P Hinson and Richmond Fonataine) and in doing so been a terrible drain on the bank account. Thanks guys - you owe us, we're sure.

But Happy Birthday anyway.

To celebrate they're hosting 3 nights at London's legendary 100 Club who's heritage spans 60 years of jazz, blues, African, rock, punk and indie (to name but a few). It hosted London's first punk festival which saw the debut of some scruffy oiks called the Sex Pistols and it's stage has been trodden by such other notable oiks as The Rolling Stones, Suede, The Clash and Oasis.

The line ups are as follows and tickets are currently avilable through the NME site:

August 3: Sons & Daughters, James Yorkston, Adem, Four Tet DJs

August 4: Ed Harcourt, Kathryn Williams, Saint Joan

August 5: The Earlies, Amusement Parks On Fire, Hayley Hutchinson

although there's no mention of cake and goodie bags for the way home.

Last Updated 01 August 2005