Winners... And Losers

By Hazel Last edited 162 months ago
Winners... And Losers

The Houses of Parliament are a familiar London sight: visitors and regulars alike gaze wonderingly at the seat of power, steeped in history, majesty... and protest. Parliament Square has seen its fair share of protest by those who have exercised their right to speak out for what they believe at the very site where that right was created.

Brian Haw has maintained a vigil of protest outside the Houses of Parliament for four years. He briefly tried to get inside but didn't win that particular battle. Once that episode in his ongoing campaign seemed to settle, a new bill was invented to curtail his right to protest outside. For a while it looked like he might be moved on and be forced to take his sleeping bag, placards and banners elsewhere. But the High Court has ruled he can stay and Londonist salutes the man who stood his ground and, as of today, will continue to do so, literally and physically. Congratulations Brian!

But for every winner, there is a loser. And this one is quite a loser. Ex-chat show host Robert H. Kilroy-Silk (the H stands for Hubris) left the comfort of his "misfits in conversation" TV slot to become an active and vocal member of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), eventually launching a leadership bid that failed spectacularly. Following this, he became leader of a party of his own wily design... and today, has lost leadership of that too.

Mr Robert H. Kilroy-Silk needs to be more careful with that leadership of his. Londonist suggests that he wraps it up in a bit of tissue paper and puts it in a nice Tupperware box in the loft. Then we can all get on with our lives without worrying about any more of his ill-thought out, thinly disguised, xenophobic ego-politics escaping and spoiling things for everyone who thinks there's enough of that about already. Have a nice cup of tea and a sit down, Robert; you can try again a few years from now, but in the meantime: ssssshhhhhhh.

Last Updated 29 July 2005