Where The Magic Happens

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Where The Magic Happens

Londonist regrets not writing up a post several weeks ago about the City of London Festival which is happening right now. They've managed to squeeze a rather amazing variety of events into the three weeks of the festival, and the idea of putting on performances of exciting, weird music in exciting, weird architectural spaces is one that needs to be imitated more.

We were particular excited about Joby Talbot's new music-theatre piece performed in St Bartholomew-the-Great, Joanna MacGregor playing Cage and Feldman in the Lloyd's of London building, and The London Sinfonietta playing Varèse in the new Plantation Place atrium. (Although if we may whinge for just one moment: couldn't you have found some better piece to perform in the top floor of the Gherkin than Stockhausen's frankly embarrassing exercise in pseudo-spiritual kitsch, Stimmung?)

It's pointless to talk about these concerts now, however, because at this point they've either already happened, or you can't get tickets for love nor money. However, there is a lovely selection of free concerts under the auspices of the festival (all listed on the website).

Those of you who are employed may already be aware that there is free jazz in Liverpool Street Station every weekday of the festival during the evening commute; and for those of you who are unemployed, may we recommend Jacques von Oortmerssen's free organ recital at Temple Church tomorrow at 1pm? There are also a large number of free non-musical events, including art exhibitions and architecture walks.

Since the ability of global capitalism to alleviate poverty in the developing world has been the subject of some debate here at Londonist HQ in the days since Live8, we would like to particularly draw your attention to Open Door at the Bank of England this coming Saturday, July 9, when the normally inaccessible inner sanctum of British capitalism will have its veil torn away, and be revealed for all to see. The write up promises us that "the tour will include the Committee Room in which the Monetary Policy Committee makes its interest rate decisions..."

The Holy of Holies! Reign in your impulse to lick the furniture.

The tours are offered between noon and 4pm, begin in the Bank of England Museum, Threadneedle Street, and last 25 minutes.

Last Updated 05 July 2005