Where Has All The Water Gone?

By Rob Last edited 160 months ago
Where Has All The Water Gone?

Tonight's File on 4 programme on Radio 4 is all about the 'national emergency' of water shortage in the south east.

Will we soon be seeing standpipes at the end of our streets? Will we be fined for flushing the loo? Do water companies really lose 30% of their supply through leaks? What's been done to try and solve the problem since the last big drought nine years ago?

If you want to know the answers, File on 4 starts at 8pm tonight (and it finishes at 8:40, giving you just enough time to make a brew and settle yourself down for the CSI, Tarantino-directed, double bill finale).

By the way - we're pretty sure Chris Clack's 'Runing Tap' installation is still going at the House Gallery in Camberwell. But has anyone actually been to see it yet?

Last Updated 19 July 2005